“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
– Mother Teresa

Our Projects


This program aims to provide nourishment to the underprivileged, neglected and to those who have no access to food.
Two year old Harshitha was clinging to her mother asking her not to cook food late. Ganga, Harshita’s mother was pained as she did not have any food to feed Harshita or her four other kids abandoned by their father. On coming to know of this, Chitra provided some food to them. It was pure delight to see how food brought a joyful shout of glee to Harshita and a wash of relief over Ganga. From then on we have been making food available to anyone in need and we’ve noticed that it’s the young women with children as well as the old, feeble and the sick who come to pick up the food.

Food Point

We intend to establish multiple food points in the city where a needy individual can have one time meal. We mean to prepare meals, including the nearby community and in addition volunteers, allowing everyone to involve required to figure out how to incorporate and also acknowledge each other.

upcoming projects

We plan to move into the community and create a vibrant, life transforming space where those in need can come to share their heart out and where we try to provide remedies, both short and long term to integrate them back into the community where they can then be agents of transformation in the community.


Shelter for abused women

Coming across so many women who are abused, we aim to be first responders and provide a safe space where these women can come, be housed, counselled and then re-connected to their families if possible or else rehabilitated in other safe spaces.


Day care for construction workers kid

We see so many toddlers and young children too young to go to school, either in their mothers’ unsafe work environments, mostly construction sites or with mothers unable to go to work because they have to take care of them. We’d love to take these children in during working hours to be able to engage with them, nourish them and teach them is some form or the other, enabling them to be at par with other children when the parents realise the need to send them to school.


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